Tiffany Plate Diet, Viral and Healthy, Body Weight Becomes Ideal

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Tiffany plate diet is one of the inspirations we get from social media. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and have an ideal body weight? Of course, this is a dream for everyone, especially women.

Talking about dieting, it’s currently going viral. Many women want to have a balanced weight to prevent various metabolic diseases and premature death.

Maybe there are still a few people who know this viral diet. This diet method is also widely discussed on social media, especially TikTok.

You need to know that this diet method was first shared by an influencer from Florida. This viral diet consists of fruit, sausage, vegetables, mustard, then cottage cheese.

Tiffany Plate Diet

Tiffany Plate Diet that went Viral on TikTok

The beginning of this diet method came from TikTok account owner Tiffany Magee. She introduced a menu of foods that she consumes regularly every day. The impact of regular food consumption caused her to lose tens of kilos.

This certainly makes TikTok users very interested in trying it. Especially now that the trend continues to grow by presenting several new diets that are claimed to be healthy and effective for losing weight.

For this viral diet menu, the menu used a variety of raw vegetables, fruit, and protein. Tiffany’s plate usually contains carrots, radishes, cauliflower, and cucumbers. All these ingredients are enjoyed with cottage cheese or mustard sauce. Oh yes, these ingredients are enjoyed raw.

This diet method started when Tiffany herself was 24 years old and weighed more than 100 kg. It turned out that the weight caused her to experience pain in her legs. This then led to Tiffany’s determination to lose weight. By regularly consuming the diet method she created herself, in 2018 she lost 62 kg.

Tiffany’s Diet Recipe

Because of its powerful impact on losing weight, it is natural that many content creators are interested in trying Tiffany plates. The ingredients they use for this viral diet menu are dragon fruit, bitter melon, sausage, tomatoes and cottage cheese, broccoli, and celery stalks.

Many content creators have tried to taste the pleasure of the Tiffany diet method. The reactions after they tried some of the ingredients supporting Tiffany’s healthy diet were varied.

Some ingredients are delicious when combined with cottage cheese. However, some ingredients don’t taste good with cheese. For example, bitter melon or bell peppers.

Overall, the reactions of content creators who tried Tiffany’s plate diet were both favorable and unfavorable. However, this diet method inspired a restaurant called Wingstop. There is almost the same menu with different names. The price is also very affordable.

Although the ingredients used are raw, the Tiffany Plate Diet method is healthy. Because, the ingredients are also quality choices, not all vegetables or fruits we can use. Moreover, add protein sources such as sausage or chicken breast.