Snacks for Breastfeeding Mothers that are Healthy and Good for Baby

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Eating snacks for breastfeeding mothers certainly needs to be selective and not just eat. But mums don’t need to worry about the side effects. Because there are many types of healthy snacks that mums can consume.

Indeed, sometimes after breastfeeding mums often feel hungry, but are reluctant to eat. That’s why the solution is to eat snacks, especially to fill the stomach.

However, it is not uncommon for many breastfeeding mums to worry about eating snacks. This is quite reasonable, because in the first 6 months of a baby’s life, breast milk is the only source of food for your little one.

That is why mums should be careful in choosing their food. Especially from unhealthy snacks because it will indirectly affect and become food for the child.

Snacks for Breastfeeding Mothers

List of 7 Best Snacks for Breastfeeding Mothers

Well, here are the types of snacks for breastfeeding mums that you can choose. These snacks are not only filling, but also healthy, nutritious, and can improve breast milk. So it will also be good for your baby.

Greek Yoghurt and Granola

Do you like to eat yoghurt? If so, you can consume Greek yoghurt as a healthy snack for breastfeeding mothers. Because, yoghurt contains many important nutrients such as protein and natural probiotics.

All of these nutrients are very useful for breastfeeding mums. To maximise the nutritional content, mothers should consume greek yoghurt by adding fresh fruit pieces.

You can also add about a quarter cup of granola. However, you should choose granola that is gluten-free so that it becomes a healthy food.

Sliced Pears and Peanut Butter

The next healthy and suitable snacks for breastfeeding mothers is pear slices and peanut butter. The presentation is quite easy. Mum only needs to wash the pear and cut it according to taste. Then add it with peanut butter.

Pears and peanut butter contain healthy nutrients that are needed by pregnant women, namely vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you don’t like peanut butter, mums can replace it with cheese.

By consuming this snack, you can fulfil your calcium, protein, and vitamin B needs.

Granola Bar

Another option for snacks for breastfeeding mothers is granola bars. Apart from making you full and easy to consume, granola bars also contain pure oats which are very important for those of you who are breastfeeding.

Mums need to know that oats are rich in carbohydrates that are needed to keep the heart healthy and the milk production process smoother.

This healthy snack is perfect for mums to consume while breastfeeding. But to prevent side effects, make sure you only consume granola bars that are low in sugar.


Popcorn is quite popular as a snack that we usually consume when watching cinema. But it turns out that pregnant women are also suitable for consuming it.

The main ingredient of popcorn is corn, making it suitable as a snack for breastfeeding mothers. Because it is made from corn, the fibre content of popcorn is relatively high, giving a long satiety effect for mothers.

To keep the calories in check, make sure you don’t add too many additives such as sugar, butter, caramel, flavourings, and others. This is because all these additional ingredients actually reduce the healthy benefits of popcorn.

Dark Chocolate and Raspberries

Another healthy snacks for breastfeeding mothers that is also suitable is dark chocolate. Mums who are breastfeeding can consume it because of its antioxidant content which is effective in counteracting the effects of free radicals that damage body cells.

To further optimise the benefits, mums can consume dark chocolate with raspberries. In addition to its freshness, red raspberries also have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in vitamin C, which is very important for breastfeeding mums.


Edamame is a type of legume that is also suitable as a snack for breastfeeding mothers. It is rich in protein, fibre, and vitamin K. If you consume it diligently, your health will be better maintained.

Currently, edamame is easy to find because it is sold in various preparations and packaging. That way, mums will have no trouble finding this snack.

Those are some of the best and healthiest choices of snacks for breastfeeding mothers. You can vary them so you don’t get bored. Eating the best snacks is certainly important for the growth and development of your toddler.