Healthy Low Budget Recipes, Here’s How to Make It

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Healty low budget recipes are sometimes thought to not exist. Because for some people, being healthy has to be obtained with a lot of money or is expensive. In fact, this is not always true.

Because sometimes we can still consume healthy food on a cheap budget. For example, we have grown some ingredients ourselves. So we can get it for free and naturally.

In fact, we can still consume various menus that require minimal funds. However, the nutrients contained in it are no joke. So, this small budget still supports a healthy lifestyle.

But actually being healthy doesn’t just come from consuming food. We also have to be diligent in exercising or going to the gym and so on.

Healthy Low Budget Recipe, Here's How to Make It

Some Healthy Low Budget Recipes You Can Try

Here are some healthy, low budget recipes you can make.

Corn Soup

For a healthy, filling and low budget recipe, there is corn soup. This is an easy recipe to put into practice. Apart from being healthy, it also tastes very delicious and warm.

The materials needed are also very easy to get. There’s corn then, sausage then eggs, chicken, garlic, spring onions then liquid milk, butter, pepper, onions, seasonings, sugar and salt and also carrots.

The way to make it is almost the same as regular soup. To get chicken stock, the chicken meat must be boiled first. After that, grate the corn and take the juice. Don’t forget to sauté the onions in butter then add the boiled chicken and carrots. Saute everything until fragrant then add corn juice then milk and cheese.

Don’t forget to add pepper and salt as well as nutmeg as well as seasoning and sugar. Entering the final stage to enjoy this corn soup is to add the beaten egg and green onions. You can also add celery.

End of the Month Noodle Martabak

It’s not just corn soup that is recommended for a healthy menu. But end of the month noodle martabak is also a recommended low budget recipe. Who doesn’t like instant noodles? Many of us always consume instant noodles at the end of the month.

In fact, this food menu will not make you bored with any preparation. To increase your appetite, you can make instant noodles into martabak.

The method is just to add chicken eggs and green onions. Don’t forget the shallots and garlic, cayenne pepper and pepper as well as cooking oil. After all the spices are mixed into the beaten eggs, stir until everything is evenly mixed. Oh yes, you shouldn’t miss the instant noodle seasoning either.

After that, heat a non-stick frying pan and add a little cooking oil. Pour the mixture evenly, cook using low heat until cooked. Once you feel the noodle martabak is cooked, number it and drain it then cut it. If necessary, you can also add dipping sauce in the form of cas or something similar.

Fried rice

But not only that, it turns out this is a healthy low budget recipe. For fried rice lovers, it turns out that this food menu is also included in the nominations. We can make fried rice with 3 ingredients. Namely rice and eggs as well as sesame oil, salt, grated ginger and sweet soy sauce. The first way to make it is to saute grated ginger until fragrant.

Next pour in the sesame oil and stir until smooth. Don’t forget to add enough rice then stir again until evenly mixed. Also add salt and soy sauce. Lastly, add the well-beaten chicken eggs, stir until everything is mixed. If you feel the seasoning is right then this healthy low budget fried rice recipe is ready to be served.