Buying Synthetic Pee and Clear Choice

Masking marijuana in Urine

Some people have tried taking in substances to alter their system and hide the existence of drug use. In the current marketplace of hiding drugs that are sold as drug screens in newspaper ads and shop outlets that claim to disguise the use of drugs. Most of these substances have no scientific proof.

However, detoxifiers like activated charcoal help to reduce the amount of metabolite in people who have been using drugs for a long time especially when it is taken for several days or weeks. Also, emulsifiers like lecithin, if taken for a long period of time also helps to reduce metabolites, but this claim has not yet been proved. It’s almost insane not to look into a synthetic urine kit to buy. There are also adverts of several herbal teas that claim to cleanse urine but have not been medically proven. Some users have given positive reviews on these products that they actually work while a lot of people don’t have the same positive opinions. Recent experiments, however, show that most of the positive claims are as a result of water dilution itself and not the screening agent.

Getting fake urine:

Although urine dilution with water has proven useful, it isn’t really an effective way to pass a drug test. Another way people use to pass a drug test is by tampering with their urine by adding substances that claim to clean the urine. Some even go on to substitute clean urine in exchange of their own. If this is detected, it can be very risky for the person taking the test. There are labs that sell clean dehydrated urine to pass the test. For this to work, you have to ensure that the temperature of the urine matches the normal temperature expected of urine samples. The temperature of urine is expected to be around 91ºF to 97º F to qualify for drug testing.

Another way to try to pass a drug test is by adding an adulterant to your urine. This method is rarely used because these adulterants can easily be detected in the lab if they pay particular attention to the chemical components of the urine. Many adulterants or fake urine can be used to pass the EMIT test but it cannot successfully pass through other tests. You can choose adulterants like detergent, salt bleach, glutaraldehyde, etc. but these types of adulterants can be easily detected just by looking at it or smelling it. The popular adulterants advertised are Klear, Visine, Whizzies and the official clear choice sub solution reviews advertising online to buy. These additives are not 100% effective and are very risky because there is every chance it can be detected.

Adding adulterants to the urine sample should be a last resort because a lot of labs that test for urine claim that they can easily detect these adulterants. It is not clear how they do this successfully. Many companies who make these adulterants offer customers money back guarantees to convince people that the drug works. This does not guarantee positive tests results because these claims are exaggerated just to make successful sales.

There are many products you can find online that provide foolproof clean urine to help pass drug tests. Some of them especially synthetic urine are actually effective and are hardly detected even during the GCMS tests. Some of these additives do not come with temperature stabilizer to get the actual urine temperature. If it is possible to smuggle the urine sample into the testing area for examination, the person can heat the urine content to the actual temperature minutes before going for the urine test. Using fake urine or additives may not work where a person is expected to pee under supervision before conducting the urine the test.

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